CAS9 / CRISPR Antibody

Cas9: A versatile tool for gene engineering

Cas9 (CRISPR associated protein 9) is an RNA-guided DNA endonuclease enzyme associated with the CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) system. CRISPR forms part of the adaptive immune system and can help to protect against different viruses.

Antibody Type Catalog no. Applications
Cas9 Rabbit polyclonal 26758-1-AP ELISA, WB
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Recombinant protein was subjected to SDS PAGE followed by western blotting with Cas9-specific antibody (26758-1-AP) at a dilution of 1:3000.

Cas9 and CRISPR

Remarkable progress in CRISPR technology has been made over recent years due to Cas9 and hundreds of recent publications focusing on this small RNA-guided DNA endonuclease enzyme. When Cas9 is specifically located within the genome, it has the ability to precisely edit the genome. Cas9 controls diverse cellular functions and behavior by co-localizing proteins, RNA, or DNA. Therefore, Cas9  and CRISP  are used as a tool for synthetic biology.

CRISPR   mechanism

The main components of the CRISPR  system are:

  • Cas9
  • Guide RNA (gRNA)

The gRNA is a very short synthetic RNA that binds to Cas9 and defines the target of interest to be modified. The target can easily be changed by changing the gRNA. As the design of gRNAs is quite simple, CRISPR  become a powerful tool in genome editing. Originally, CRISPR  was only used for knock-out experiments. Recent modifications of Cas9 also opened the way for selective repression or activation of the target of interest or purification of a certain DNA region.

Recent news in Cas9 and CRISPR

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