Custom Order Requests

At Proteintech, we manufacture every antibody we sell. This provides us the flexibility to customize our products and orders to fit your specific needs. If your research takes you down a road that requires conditions other than our standard catalog products, we are here to discuss your options with you.

Three reasons to buy from Proteintech:

  1. We manufacture every antibody we sell and are able to provide a continuous supply and custom options for our products. 

  2. We are able to offer Lot Reservations so that your preferred product lot is available for you.

  3. Proteintech can offer several different bespoke compositions if you need a large amount of the same antibody, including carrier-free formulations and special concentrations.


Custom Order Options

Proteintech offers the following customization on its portfolio of antibodies:

  • Carrier-Free, PBS only formulation (no glycerol, BSA, or sodium azide)
  • Special concentrations (1mg/mL)
  • Custom conjugations to CoraLite® dyes and other common conjugates such as biotin and HRP.

Please provide us your information and a Proteintech representative will be in touch within 1 business day with your quote.

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Bulk Orders and Discounts

Proteintech offers options for bulk purchases, lot reservations, and packaging requirements. 

  • All Proteintech antibodies are manufactured in-house giving us complete control and flexibility over bulk production
  • Bespoke compositions for bulk orders
  • Carrier-free formulations and special concentrations

Please provide your contact information and the products you’re interested in below and we will be in touch within 1 business day to discuss your available options.

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GMP Cytokines and Growth Factors

Our line of HumanKine® human cell-expressed cytokines and growth factors are available GMP grade upon request.

To view our catalog of HumanKine® recombinant proteins visit our HumanKine® information page. To learn about our GMP quality policies and our ISO 13485 certified facility, visit our GMP Grade HumanKine® page.

To enquire about availability and pricing of our GMP grade HumanKine® recombinant proteins, please provide your information and we will contact you within 1 business day.  

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