APOL1 ELISA Kit Product Focus

APOL1 ELISA Kit Product Focus
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In 1997, it was reported that the Apolipoprotein L (APOL1) is a secreted high-density lipoprotein that represents the major apoprotein of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) particles. It was suggested that APOL1 was involved in the formation of cholesteryl esters, efflux of cholesterol, and lipid transport/metabolism. Several more recent studies have indicated that alteration in APOL1 function can lead to not only lipid disorders but is also involved in obesity, chronic kidney disease, schizophrenia, and African sleeping sickness. Proteintech’s APOL1 ELISA kit is specific for the detection of human APOL1. No cross-reactivity to APOL1 analogs has been found.

Catalog number Sample Types: Distribution:
KE00047 Serum, plasma Worldwide
Assay Type: Sensitivity: Precision:
Sandwich ELISA 0.07 ng/mL Intra-assay CV - 3.4%
Reactivity: Range: Intra-assay CV - 3.6%
Human 0.156-10 ng/mL Regulatory:
Tests: Assay time: Research use only
1 X 96 well plate 3.5h  


Sample Type Average Range
Plasma 94% 87% - 107%

Standard Curve

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